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Pontem & Pontem Bolt


The Pontem solution seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of hardware applications, including:

This enables the Pontem user to operate independent of any one solution provider, allowing for unparalleled flexibility and reliability of these applications.

At Fidus Global, we provide unparalleled control and customization over your operations and Material Handling Equipment with Pontem. Our solution enables you to set the rules and maintain control, freeing you from the high costs associated with proprietary software offered by hardware OEMs.

Pontem Bolt is the world's first patented portable Warehouse Control System (WCS) that can be attached to any piece of automation that needs to integrate up the software stack with ease.

This makes any piece of hardware eCommerce ready.


Fidus Global establishes a genuine partnership with our customers and prioritizes their needs above all else. Whether spearheading a project from the initial stages of engineering design to its final implementation, our team is fully committed to producing exceptional outcomes. We view ourselves as an integral part of your team and take pride in delivering results that align with your goals.

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Our team's diverse expertise allows us to develop tailored solutions for clients across industries. We deliver on our promises with comprehensive support services, including world-class training and technical assistance. Our solutions optimize your investments, delivering cost savings and maximum efficiency.

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We provide end-to-end automation solutions for greenfield and brownfield projects. Our skilled team ensures professional and timely execution, with transparent planning and communication to consider all aspects of your project. Trust us to deliver flawless automation, so you can focus on your core business objectives.

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Our customers have access to a wide range of expertise through our excellent service offerings. We prioritize training and documentation as crucial elements to raise the bar in this industry. We proudly represent any OEM and provide support for integration projects throughout their life cycle.

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Fidus Global provides expert consulting services, with robust Field Service & Support. We deliver superior solutions through brown field strategies and asset repurposing, elevating industry standards. Reach out to discuss your custom project.

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