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Agility and Insights to Achieve Optimal Efficiencies in Warehouse Operations

Fidus Global-Supply Chain Pontem Platform

Incomplete connectivity between critical warehouse systems hinders automation’s benefits, while poorly executed automation can be costly. Relying on black-box 3rd party systems limits warehouse control, increases costs, and reduces efficiency. However, with Pontem, warehouse operations experience

Limitless warehouse control

Decreased costs

Improved efficiency

Although aspects of solutions may be presented as open architecture, such as PLCs, the solution is often clouded in a black-box middleware offering, subjugating the end-user to lack of control and transparency.
This approach makes it challenging for warehouse operations to respond quickly to line changes and minimize downtime. Many purchasers unknowingly buy dependency along with their automation and receive initial benefits that degrade over time.

Being locked into 3rd party solutions is time consuming and expensive. Often by the time true cost of ownership is recognized, it’s too late and costly to address the issue.

Key Benefits By Stakeholder

Warehouse Operators

Pontem by Fidus Global’s open architecture designs empower warehouse operators to take ownership of their continuous improvement journey. They can utilize internal resources or seek support from multiple vendors, which can lead to better overall support and performance of their supply chain network.

System Integrators

Pontem is an open platform that enables integrators to work more efficiently to serve their customers’ machine automation controls requirements while providing more time and resources to focus on operational WES solutions. Pontem streamlines the warehouse controls system and the communications interface with other warehouse systems which eliminates costly investment of time and resources on custom software interfaces. Now, Integrators can focus their attention developing automation and software application solutions to improve warehouse operations and services.


Custom automation hardware providers often lack the requisite software needed to effectively integrate with automation software stacks, including Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Pontem by Fidus Global enables straightforward integration, even into highly complex or outdated WMS platforms, resulting in a greater return on investment for each application

As you consider working with us, we can provide a comprehensive analysis of the value we bring to your bottom line.

We believe in assessing the financial impact of automation projects, not just in the initial business case, but also over time. This makes any piece of hardware eCommerce ready.

Pontem Is The Foundation On Which To Build Your Supply Chain Automation

Pontem empowers users to easily make hardware and parameter changes and explore other options, giving them the ability to pilot alternatives and better respond to the ever-changing demands of the industry. Pontem’s approach to automation provides the freedom to adopt new innovations, which is vital to driving efficiency and success in the competitive market.

Pontem Connects Your Warehouse Ecosystem With Openness

By leveraging open-source solutions, Pontem empowers its customers to take advantage of the latest advances in IOT and Rest APIs to seamlessly integrate new ideas and offerings into their supply chain environment.

Ready to Take Control of Your Controls?