Break Away From Blackbox Limitations

Take Control of Your Controls

Pontem is the first Enterprise Control System (ECS) that merges all your systems into one comprehensive platform.

Communicate with any existing WMS or ERP and seamlessly integrate and control hardware.

An Enterprise Control System (ECS) merges key Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Execution System (WES), and Warehouse Control System (WCS) functionalities into one comprehensive platform. Pontem does not replace an existing WMS. Rather, it communicates with ANY existing WMS to seamlessly integrate and control hardware i.e., sorters, conveyance, and robotics.

Break Away from black-box limitations.

Eliminate Unnecessary Limitations Imposed by Large OEMs with Open-Architecture Software and Hardware Flexibility.

Customized Controls, Communication Optimization, and More

Hardware & software agnostic, plug-and-play, turn-key integration solution


Introducing the industry’s only pioneer open architecture ECS platform

One software that can integrate anywhere...

Web > ERP > WMS > WCS > WES... It can all be integrated, managed and executed with Pontem ECS - including the machine level controls.

Eliminate the need for disparate software systems ...

Save upfront implementation costs and enjoy the lowest total cost of ownership in our industry.

Break away from black-box limitations...

Take control of you warehouse operations via open architecture solutions.

Over 200 years experience leading the world's greatest companies

Solving Complex Problems with Innovative Solutions

Tailor your operations & Material handling equipment without the expense of proprietary software

Set the Rules and Hold the Keys

Eliminate Unnecessary Limitations

Designed from an End-User Perspective

Compatible with any Hardware or Software

Adaptability as Automation Continues to Evolve

Ready to Take Control of Your Controls?