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  • Pontem & Pontem Bolt
  • 125 years of combined experience consulting and providing engineering solutions to over 50 major brands.
  • Customize your Operations & MHE without the costly proprietary Software
  • Designed by combining Engineer and End-User perspective
  • Simplifies WCS/WMS/WES integration complexities

Break Away From Black Box Limitations

  • Set the rules and hold the keys with Pontem
  • Remove restrictions from large OEMs that lock you into their hardware with black box software
  • Broaden Capacities
  • Enable sustainable flexibility as hardware and automation evolve

Embrace An Open Architecture Platform

  • A modern, intuitive GUI designed with the user in mind
  • Hardware and software agnostic
  • Enable PLC/robot integrators to expand capabilities up the software stack
  • Configure WCS/WES

Pontem*: Shifting the Paradigm with Disruptive Innovation

The Pontem* platform is an open-architecture Warehouse Control System (WCS) platform which enables ease of integration for Material Handling Equipment (MHE) hardware and software. The Pontem* solution is not only hardware agnostic, but software agnostic as well. 

Fidus Global is a full-service controls engineering firm with a diverse set of expertise from heavy manufacturing to eCommerce. Our team is comprised of former Amazon, FedEx, Tyson Foods, and engineers, and has over 125 years of collective experience with industrial automation.

Seamless Integration with Your WMS

Bridging the Gap

Customized Controls, Communication Optimization, And More.

Hardware & software agnostic, plug-and-play, turn-key integration solution

Open Architecture

Introducing the industry's only pioneer open architecture platform...

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