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About Fidus Global

Fidus Global is a warehouse software solutions firm and a full-service controls engineering firm with a diverse range of expertise that spans from eCommerce to heavy manufacturing. Our team is composed of seasoned engineers, who have previously worked for leading corporations such as Amazon, FedEx, Tyson Foods, and Walmart. Collectively, we have over 200 years of experience in industrial automation, making us well-equipped to provide our clients with exceptional solutions.

At Fidus Global, we specialize in end-user-oriented software and hardware that ensure our clients receive solutions that precisely fit their needs. Our efficient processes and expertise allow us to deliver results quickly and at lower costs. We pride ourselves on our world-class customer service, which removes restrictions commonly found in hardware-locking black box software.

Fidus strives to make each solution reliable, transparent, and user-friendly.

Fidus delivers quick and cost-effective results, from greenfield design and implementation to retrofits, recontrols, and OEM collaborative endeavors.

Our team of experts is committed to working with you to identify the best resources and software connections to solve your problems. Let us partner with you to create intelligent solutions. 

Don’t let your vendor control your automation and MHE freedom. 

With Fidus Global, customers rule!

We prioritize our customers by empowering them with complete control over their automation and material handling equipment (MHE) decisions, ensuring they’re not beholden to vendors. We avoid unnecessary upgrades, focusing solely on solutions that add tangible value to our clients’ operations.

Fidus Global has fulfilled the necessary prerequisites and completed the requirements for Gold Certification in Ignition.

Fidus Global’s Gold Certification in Ignition is the cornerstone of PontemView. With this certification, clients can trust that Fidus Global has mastered Ignition’s capabilities, ensuring seamless integration of new features into PontemView. This means clients receive revolutionary solutions that evolve with their needs, backed by Fidus Global’s commitment to excellence and ongoing innovation.

Our Vision

Deliver results for our partners and customers by solving complex problems through automated solutions and world class service. We do not over complicate; we invent and simplify.

“Service-Connected Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business: American Software Domestic Designed Source Code means Domestic Support”